K.L.C.K. Ltd
Specialist Vehicle Locksmiths

Supplying Genuine Locks & Keys for
Vauxhall / Opel - Chevrolet / Daewoo - Ford - VAG Group and more
Tel: 0208 814 3260
Email: sales@klck-ltd.com

Kims Lazer Cut keys Limited (K.L.C.K) is a family run business that supplies an overnight Lock & Key service to the Automotive Industry (KLCK)

We have been trading for over 25 years, initially catering to local retail dealers and body shops, and through our reputation have expanded to supply our services throughout the UK.

We provide a unique and high quality professional service, giving Retail Dealerships, Fleet Management, and Trade Customers an alternative supplier for their lock and key requirements.

Originally specialising in Vauxhall/Opel we now supply an overnight (subject to Royal Mail) Lock & Key service for...
Daewoo/Chevrolet, Ford, VAG Group (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda UP TO 2008) and more.

We will always supply genuine parts first (if unavailable we will have alternative stock) to cover every model and its variants that we specialise in.

We also provide problem solving and emergency services to help you overcome many situations:

  • Lost Keys ?  We can de-code the lock and supply a replacement key or key number (cheaper than changing the locks)

  • No Key Number ?  We can decode the key from a digital image and supply a key or key number.

  • Key Blades Only -  Blades for flip keys, Blades for emergency or only to gain access.

  • Chipless Key (Pre 2006/7) Supply replacement chipless keys to use the original transponder chip. (A lot cheaper and saves programming costs)

  • Chips Only (Pre 2006/7) - Supply transponder chips on there own, for keys that have lost them
    (Saves buying a full key) #

  • Remote Key Cases - Remote Cases (various style keys and manufactures). Used for cracked broken cases, or worn buttons.

  • Extractor kits Kit to remove broken keys from locks.

  • Re-tumble/pin Locks Reworking locks to a new key number. (gets rid of excess stock)

  • Lock assembly -  Can build a lock you supply in kit form.

  • Lock Components: Sell components for Doors, Ignition, Tailgate/Boot locks, rather then replacing the whole unit.

Our staff are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and just a phone call away !!

Tel: 0208 814 3260
Email: sales@klck-ltd.com

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